Mike McHardy – Magic Mike – has been on or around road bikes his entire life. He’s been in races down-under, touring gruesome deserts and lonely islands to find life’s answers or navigated a successful career in the bike industry, all this using cycling as a catalyser. Starting off with racing them as a young Kiwi, he’s honed the handling, tactical wit and competitor instinct comparable to Eddy Merckx.

After an unfortunate fall, his dreams of pro-tour performances washed away, Mike has stayed around road bikes, but this time as a mechanic. Some compare his touch on the adjustments derailleurs barrels as those of Mozarts on the piano.

One things for sure, is that no mechanical has gotten past Magic Mike. Not in the New Zealand shop where he started, nor in the Aussie shops he’s created from the ground up and not even in the pro teams where he’s served as a pro-mechanic.