The En Route 301

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We are offering a variety of tickets to ensure everyone can hit their goals. Each ticket includes unlimited coffee, food before and after each 100km loop and a memento to remember the event. We will also have a few photographers bouncing around and all images will be shared afterwards.
Choose your distance, 301km sign up includes a special Finisher Memento and food after the finish line (num num num).
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Safety Disclaimer

This ride will not be easy. Whether it’s your first 100, 200 or 300, you will be pushing your body beyond what it has experienced before on a bike. We must mention that this is an endurance event and you must listen to your body throughout! You are responsible for yourself and for the safety of others around you. We will ensure that the group has at least one first aid trained rider at all times and if there are any issues we will never leave someone alone. Since we will be in December, we expect all riders to have lights on their bikes and to follow the packing list that we will provide ahead of the event. Now we will stop scaring people away and mention that this will be a whole lot of fun, will create special memories and together we can achieve something awesome.

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